Lotto Results

Awesome Christmas Prizes. Every line in our lotto on 14th December can win our Jackpot PLUS gets a free chance to win one of the awesome Christmas prizes donated by the service provider “Our Fundraiser”. This giveaway is open to all organisations who use their service. 2 x VIP Taylor Swift Tickets. A €1,000 Christmas shopping spree. A Gamers bundle including a PlayStation 5, TV, and gaming headset. 10 x €100 JD Sports gift cards.5 x Luxury Christmas Hampers.
Thank you so much for your support, you are making a real difference. Please spread the word with family and friends to join in. We are delighted with the support shown for our fundraiser. All money raised is allocated to maintaining the machinery to keep our course in the best possible shape. Please pass on the word and invite friends and family. Remember you’re supporting your club and you can win the jackpot. We hope that the €2 per line option will allow everybody to contribute. If you can contribute €5 for 3 lines it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you and best of luck!! The Lotto Jackpot is £1600 euro this week’s winner of £30euro was Elizabeth Muldowney. If you would like to join the lotto please contact Sheila Carney or Ann Cox.
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