Course Guide

Hole 1
Dog leg right. OB all right side. A very long hitter (280 yards+) could go for green. Aim just right of tallest tree. Its about 220 yards to the dog leg. If not going for the green do not end up behind the two tall trees on the opposite side of the fairway.
Green slopes gently left to right. Aim 5 yards left of flag if taking a two shot approach.
Hole 2
Straight par 4. OB on right. Off blues there will likely be a tree in front of you to the right. If you hit with a draw you could be forced out on to the 3rd fairway. If you play with a fade it should suit you. Its a 2 tiered green with trouble out back if too long.
Hole 3
Straight par 4. The green slopes right to left even if it looks straight! More so on the left half of the green
Hole 4
Par 5. The hill in the middle is called Grainne  Hit it over her. Too right or too left and trees will block you out. The straight line if over the tall trees on the right.
A second shot to left of left bunker at Green. It slopes left to right and should roll down to green
Watch out for players crossing from Hole 5 after teeing off.
Hole 5
Par 3. Get on the front of the dance floor below the hole if you can, however a putt back down hill is very fast.
Its ideal to hit the bank just in front of the bunkers at the Green and roll on.
Hole 6
First of the “new” 9 holes. Greens will be different (faster and harder) for the next 8 holes
Aim at the lone tree in the distance at 11 o’clock. Everything slopes left to right on the fairway. OB down right and it sucks the ball in !
Chip on to front of the green. Do not chip anywhere beyond the first 10 feet of the green …it will run off the back. The right side of Green has a sneaky dip in middle…it will run off.
Hole 7
A par 5. There’s a marshy pond below you within 220 yards off blue. Red stakes.
Aim drive to well left side of fairway. Careful of the corner of trees coming out on the left near the green on second shot.
There is trouble at back and left of Green. It has a sneaky dip at left middle – can pull the ball off
Hole 8
A most picturesque Par 3 across water. Long or left is not good.
Dips on the green at back left. A landing on front of green not a bad result. Should run on. It’s a narrow doorway though through two guarding bunkers
Hole 9
The most difficult hole on the course – a par 4 index 1. The river Shannon and a hedge runs up the left
Maybe think about 3 wood off tee for a long hitter. Too much trouble at risk for more than 240 yards drive. Trees on right about 240-260 away. Boundary on left for first half. Red stakes on left for second. Trouble behind green and right of it.
On the green carefully in 3 is not a bad result here.
Hole 10
A beautiful par 3 across a bird sanctuary.
Have to cross a marsh area and cannot play a ball from there. Short not an option.
Get on the green …birdie opportunity.
Trouble on left and right is very much in play. Red hazards on right
Hole 11
A fortune favours the brave (and very long hitters !) par 4
Long drivers can go for it but need to cross meadow to get there. Too long is trouble but it is a risk-reward Hole.
A 220 yard drive to the marker across the drain leaves you looking in with a wedge or 8/9 iron. Bail out on right side of drain is the sensible shot and still very reachable in two
Hole 12
A par 4 uphill with the river Shannon making yet another appearance
Straightforward but will be long off the back tees. Looks intimidating, but par-able !
Keep between the ditches on the drive and you are in good shape. Might need to go to the top of the hill before second shot to get a sense of direction.
Hole 13
A par 3 uphill which requires accuracy off the tee. That accuracy is rewarded with a birdie opportunity.
Hole 14
A dog leg left par 5 is another birdie opportunity.
Aim drive to furthest away corner of trees on left to roll down bank and end up back on fairway. Do not aim middle of fairway unless drawing, everything runs right and long meadow hides the ball well!
Green normally in line with tallest tree in distance.
Trouble too far right or left on the downhill second so get the direction right.
Trouble at the back of the green, which slopes to the front and can hold an aggressive chip in
Hole 15
The easiest hole on the course represents another birdie opportunity.
Land drive to the right of the three bunkers line.
Sloping green towards your approach…so not much run on a chip in
Hole 16
A beautiful challenging par 4 with a blind second. As you cross the road on the way up to your second get your bearing for the flag using the tree at the back left.
If you use a rangefinder take your distance to the flag and ball from the roadway point also as your view will be blocked out further up
Bunkers at front left and right. Green can be hit in 2 here but give the second at least one more club than you think.
Hole 17
A challenging par 3 that plays differently every day you play it.
Downhill. Trouble off back and all down the right of fairway.
Land tee shot on top of bank in front of Green and roll down to flag . Do not drive the green – the ball simply will not hold unless the unexpected shower of rain happened and the green is more receptive.
Green slopes away from you and is normally fast.
Hole 18
The club house is in sight. Slight dog leg right. Mind the “garden” (green area to right of trees on right leading up to green) down the bottom right. Aim right of the cross shaped bunker on left of fairway or the pump house in the field on the other side of the N4 !
Green falls away on middle-back left. Bunkers front right and left
Definitely a birdie opportunity for a long hitter.
Hole 19
Dog-leg left in to the bar from the car-park door. Hole-in-one on the Chicken curry and refreshment of your choice. Kevin and the catering team will guide you home for the rest of the round with the finest refreshments available in the North West. A beautiful recently renovated comfortable clubhouse will guide you home for the evening ….
Thanks to AeroPixels and Mark Kelly for some of the fantastic imagery


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Brendan Boyle
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