Philanthropy – Donations

Carrick Golf Club is a volunteer run club that relies on its members and its membership fees and what ever fundraising is done throughout the year.

In 2022 we went from 25 to 70 juniors in membership terms. Over 500 members are now on our books. Golf is no longer seen as some kind of elite sport. It is now a mainstream sport, played by the masses. It takes children away from PlayStations and adults off the couch and out to meet friends – new and old. In short it is playing a huge part in keeping a big section of the community together.

The additional involvement in golf during the Covid years, just goes to show the importance of keeping golf healthy and alive in our community. People who never played golf before took up the out-door sport and “got-into-golf”.

There is obviously, expense associated with this… machinery and drainage to mention two.

Carrick Golf Club is run by volunteers who are also members. Its not easy to keep 18 holes, a driving range, a putting green, machinery and a clubhouse in good shape without some external help.

We have been asked by a few people how could donations happen anonymously – so we added this donations “product” to our website.

Maybe you are someone who appreciates the volunteerism, or who sees the importance of golf in the community or simply just want to help. This is a way of doing that.

If you would like us to keep this confidential, just let us know – not a problem. Alternatively if you would like this to be a part of a larger sponsorship package from your business, we would be happy to work with you to do that also.

Maybe now is not the right time for you to donate and we understand that also…. no pressure.

We very much appreciate your involvement – thank-you !

The Volunteers @ Carrick Golf Club.


Just enter the amount you wish to donate in the box below…



Philanthropy – Donations

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