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Entries Closed – Good Luck with your Team(s)

Pick 7 players for €10

  • Prize based on combined lowest score (see below for full set of rules)
  • First Prize:            €1,000
  • Second Prize:      €500
  • Third Prize:          €200
  • Pub Prize:     Honor and Slagging Rights for a Year !

Seriously though, we let the pub decide their own prizes. It could be a bag of crisps !

But the honour is what its all about

Live Leaderboard

This pub will be showing live updates on each team entered on a special TV screen throughout the 4 days of the Masters

Imagine your name on the top of the leader board as the next round is being ordered at the bar….


Challenge your friends … earn bragging rights on Masters Weekend ...please share the link via … 


How To Enter

  1. For your entry form(s) selected, pick the golfers you want on your team
  2. Select the 7 golfers from the list provided that you think will perform the best in the 2023 US Masters and write their numbers in the relevant boxes.
  3. Fill out the rest of the details on the form 
  4. Complete the payment details
  5. When selecting your 7 golfers it is important to place each golfer in the order you feel they will finish, i.e. the golfer you think will be the leading golfer at the end of the US Masters should be placed under column 1 and so on through your 7 golfers.
  6. Each entrant’s score is calculated purely on the basis of the selected golfers actual score to par in the US Masters. For example, if golfer 1 finishes on –5, golfer 2 on +15, golfer 3 on –8, golfer 4 on –1, golfer 5 on Par, golfer 6 on +2 and golfer 7 on +2 then the total score for the 7 golfers is +5. Remember that if one of your chosen golfers fails to make the cut then his score is included in the final tally with an additional penalty of +10 shots.
  7. Enter as many teams as you wish.
  8. All entries will be logged into computer and the LIVE LEADERBOARD will be displayed on the club website –

Thank-you & Good Luck!


  1. Select 7 golfers from the provided list, in order of your preference.
  2. All 7 golfers scores
  3. If one or more of your golfers do not start you are automatically allocated the player listed underneath the withdrawn
  4. In the event of a tie the 1st selection entered will decide the winner or placed contestant. If still tied move to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th
  5. Entry fee is $/€10 per team of 7 players or 3 teams for $/€25 or 5 teams for $/€40
  6. The final decision rests with the committee
  7. The table of entrants will be updated after each days play in the 2023 US Masters and will be available to view on the club’s website ( or on a TV in your pub shortly thereafter.


  1. If any of your golfers fail to make the cut, you will incur a penalty of 10 shots E.G. 1 golfer = 10 shots added on 2 golfers = 20 shots added on.
  2. If any of your golfers withdraw through injury or sickness after starting the competition a 10 shot penalty will incur.
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