Spring League Sponsored by Flynn’s Bar Round 1 Results.

Flynn’s Bar Spring League Round 1 Results Thanks to all the players who played last week. The best ladies score was 21pts by Melissa Collins. And the best Gents score was 23pts by Damien Quigley. After round 1 Phil McWeeneys Team 3 had a 10point lead with an excellent score of 99 pts. The following are all the team results. Team 1. Geraldine Farry (capt.) 73pts. Team 2. Stephen Sheeran. (capt) 84pts Team 3. Phil McWeeney (capt) 99pts.Team 4. Mary Molloy (capt) 84pts. Team 5. Austin McDermott. (capt) 78pts Team 6. Pascal McGuire (capt) 79pts. Team 7. Siobhan Talbot (capt) 89pts.Team 8. Sean Bohan (capt) 87pts. Team 9. Albert Hogg (capt) 87pts. Team 10. Marc McDermott (capt) 82pts.Team 11. Margaret Killoran (capt) 83pts. Round 2. Monday 5.02.2024 to Sunday 11.02.2024. 9 hole singles stableford. Please read the local rules posted at the computer terminal before play. Open to play off yellow tees for men and red tees for ladies. Players may enter a maximum of two cards per week, one weekly entry and one re-entry. Please sign in for the weekly competition round using the computer in the office. To re-enter, please sign into the Re-Entry competition. After your round, verify your score with a playing partner, sign your card, ask the verifier to sign the card. Use the computer or to enter your score and place the card in the box. Each week, the best five cards from each team will contribute to the teams score. At least one lady’s card must be included in the team’s weekly total. There will be one weekly winner each week in the Ladies and Gents section. Please note: Sign-In Terminal and score card box are temporarily in the main Clubhouse beside double doors. All team captains must ensure that all team players play at least once a week. Can all players ensure that they put their team number on the score card good luck to all team captains and players. Spring League Temporary Winter Rules. Open to play from yellow tees only red tee’s for the Ladies. Players must sign in before play and enter score afterwards. Lift, Clean & Place through the green. Fix your divots & repair pitch marks as you go. If a ball is lost having plugged in fairway or semi-rough, and it is agreed with all playing partners that the ball is plugged and lost within an area in the fairway or semi-rough, another ball can be played from that area, without penalty. Bunkers are out of play. Players may take a drop out of all bunkers without penalty.


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